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“I have had horrible sacrotuberous ligament pain for 2 months now. After going to ortho and PT, no improvement at all. Just made it worse. After reading your page which told me to start doing the bulgarian squats, in just 2 days I have complete relief. Thank you and God bless you. I am literally in tears writing this I am so happy.”

Sam W, Florida USA (Facebook messenger, 30th Dec 2021)

Footwear recommendations

Our experienced Physiotherapy team knows which running shoes can help different injuries. So we’ve put together a list of our Physiotherapists’ recommendation for the best running shoes for specific issues, like wide feet, foot and ankle pain, and more.

women's running shoes for wide feet
It can be a frustrating challenge to find the best Women's running shoes for wide feet! You can search for the perfect running shoe for your needs...but it doesn't come ...
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Latest posts

Our Physiotherapy team and running coaches cover a huge range of topics, from injury diagnosis & management and returning to running and performance training.

warming up in cold weather
This is an article written for Australian Ultra Running Association (AURA) on warming up in cold weather. Warming up at the start of a training ...
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parkrun melbourne and geelong
parkrun Melbourne (that's right, no capital letter required) has seen rapid growth with a number of new events popping up in the last year or ...
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fibula stress fracture
Fibula stress fractures are much less common that Tibial stress fractures and much harder to detect! That's because the Fibula isn't like other leg bones ...
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virtual physio for online injury diagnosis
In a rapidly advancing digital world, looking for an online injury diagnosis is becoming more common. But this usually leads to reading countless webpages of ...
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run with lower back pain
Ever been stuck in bed and wondering if you should run with lower back pain? It's a tricky question that poses more questions: Is it ...
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2 reasons to avoid hip flexor stretches
Hip flexor stretches are commonly used yet poorly understood by many trainers and athletes. The hip flexor group involves a number of muscles, some of ...
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parkrun sydney locations
If you want to parkrun Sydney, it's worth knowing the difference between parkrun locations to pick your best option. parkrun (yep, "parkrun" is too cool ...
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KT tape for calf pain
Aside from the colourful patterns, can KT tape for calf pain really make a difference? And can it help with a calf strain? KT tape, ...
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running through an injury
For any runner, running through an injury is a dilemma that you'll face sooner or later. This is because a running program is designed to ...
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how to run for longer
If you want to know how to run for longer, you're either frustrated with a very slow build or you need to increase your distance ...
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Long stairs in Brisbane
Long stairs in Brisbane are a great training ground for running and hiking. If you're in Brisbane and looking for the best locations to get ...
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inner ankle pain
We asked our Physiotherapy team about the most common causes of inner ankle pain while running. These were their 3 most common causes and, more ...
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