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Benefits of a virtual therapist

Benefits of a virtual therapist

In a rapidly advancing digital world, the benefits of a virtual therapist are something many wouldn’t have considered.

We’re happy to go online for our finances, food, transport… the list is almost endless. But when it came to our medical needs, the traditional approach – dealing with real people face to face – seemed like the only approach we’d consider.

There’s a certain trust with seeing who you’re dealing with. We make judgements, right or wrong, about their skills based on their appearance (“White lab coat? Must be smart!”)

Some companies, like Virtuwell, offer online medical services for illness. Other services, like HeyDoctor, offer prescriptions for common ailments. These companies are treading a careful line between modern online convenience and traditional medical regulation, which was written long before we contemplated online delivery of medical services.

But the benefits of a virtual therapist are too compelling to ignore.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year

A virtual therapist is available all year ’round, 24/7. That’s important – many conditions benefit from early diagnosis as recovery can be significantly shortened by early appropriate intervention.

For example, you twist your ankle on a Sunday morning run and have to limp home. Your regular doctor and physiotherapist aren’t back to work until Monday and even then, you’ll need to take time off work to get there. If you wait until Monday, the injury will be more swollen and painful.

So you decide to do something today. You ice the area and take some Nurofen. But if you’ve torn a ligament, the anti-inflammatory meds will increase the bleeding and swelling, delaying your recovery.

Provides reassurance

Some injuries can be a little concerning. Not enough to visit your local health professional but the possibility of a stress fracture or tendon problem can play on your mind.

A virtual therapist can provide they quick reassurance without the need for an expensive visit to the doctor. It can confirm (or refute) your suspicions and get you started on the right path to recovery.

Cost effective rehab

Injury rehab is always a careful balance between a comprehensive program and a cost-effective approach. It often leads to incomplete programs that take shortcuts or miss the final weeks of training to reduce costs.

That’s where a virtual therapist really shines! It can deliver customised programs, exercise & instructional videos and a comprehensive “return to sport” approach. The cost of the program is only a fraction of a program from face to face therapist, making it more likely you’ll be able to see out the full program.

Time to embrace high tech healthcare?

The days of vague or generalised website advice and overly simplistic diagnostics are gone. The latest crop of virtual therapists are combining expert medical input and cutting edge programming. This provides an accurate diagnosis, clearly explained and demonstrated exercises and the same advice you’d receive in person from your doctor or physio.