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Big steps: payment processing, back end setup

App dev and payment processing

Over the past week, the back end “brain” of the app has progressed in a big way. It’s come to point where we can now begin entering our data and test some basic functions.

I’ve never been so pleased to see my own back end!

That might not sound like much but it’s the first tangible, visible step in the overall plan. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made huge progress over the last 12 months. But it’s all been planning and designing. This is the first bit of software I actually get to play with.

The other step forward is in sorting the payment processing details. While there are lots of players in the field, it took a heap of search time to find the one that fit my fairly niche requirements.

I needed a provider to process very small amounts with a high number of transactions per month (hopefully). Searching for a payment facility that could process low cost transactions without taking a fixed “flagfall” on each transaction was challenging.

I’d rather not pay 30c+ on a $1 transaction!!!

So I compared all the options: PayPal (and all its variants), Stripe, Square and more. They were all very similar with their percentage fee, although Square was slightly cheaper (about 0.7% less than the others). They all promised awesome service and support. But their fee structures were the BIG exception – Square didn’t charge a fixed fee on top of its % fee!

So that’s where we’re at – back end taking shape and payment system locked in. We still don’t have a more exact launch date at this stage. There’s still plenty to do but it’s all moving quickly now. Fingers crossed for a July launch…