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knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis – smart approaches for a long term fix

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a pain and stiffness of the knee joint caused by degeneration of joint cartilage It is classified from grade 1 to 4 depending on the number of features of OA present on imaging and the depth of the cartilage loss Risk factors for knee OA include excessive body weight, previous trauma […]

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bakers cyst treatment

Baker’s Cyst treatment plan

We’ve detailed what a Baker’s Cyst is and how it behaves (if you missed it, click here to recap). The next logical step is figuring out a Baker’s Cyst treatment plan to get rid of it. Our team of Sports Physios have chipped in with their best tips for Baker’s Cyst treatment. Knee swelling treatments […]

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MCL tear

Medial collateral ligament tear – fast fixes for a fast return!

Medial ligament tears occur due to a sudden overload of the ligament, usually associated with impact, twisting or a collision The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is actually two ligaments – a long ligament and a shorter deeper ligament As the MCL is located outside the knee joint, the injury isn’t associated with a large amount […]

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Deep hip muscle pain

Deep hip rotator overload – “So that explains it!”

Deep hip rotator overload causes a diffuse deep hip muscle pain, felt centrally in the buttock It is caused by excessive fatigue of one or more of the six small muscles that sit underneath the gluteal muscles and rotate the hip laterally (outwards) Soreness often peaks the day after exercise and causes pain on stretching […]

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Pain in arch of foot

Pain in the arch of the foot

One of the most common injuries in sports like distance running is pain in the arch of the foot. And while you may assume that it’s plantarfasciitis, there are a long list of other possibilities and causes. Foot pain can be divided into two categories – sudden (or acute onset) and gradual (or insidious) onset. […]

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Hip osteoarthritis OA

Hip osteoarthritis (OA) – exercise your way to pain-free

Hip OA can be present from age 30 years, although it doesn’t tend to be symptomatic until age 40-50 years Early symptoms include stiffness (eg. difficulty in reaching shoe laces) and pain after rest (eg. on waking in morning or long car drives) Risk factors for early hip OA include heavier body types and reduced […]

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Bakers cyst

Baker’s cyst: a lump behind the knee

A Bakers Cyst is a collection of fluid in a bulge in the joint capsule behind the knee The average size of a Baker’s cyst varies depending on the amount of fluid and how long the knee had been swollen The cause of a Baker’s cyst is a separate injury in the knee which is […]

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what is a bunion?

What is a bunion?

The term “bunion” is one of those funny ones. You’ve probably heard it before, particularly from grandma. Every time you wear pointy shoes, someone tells you you’ll get bunions. You’ve been told that you’ve inherited them from your mother. So let’s cover “what is a bunion?”, “do you get them from your mother?” and “will […]

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Ankle impingement

Talocrural (ankle) impingement

Talocrural (ankle) impingement is a pinching-type injury that occurs around the ankle joint It is most commonly seen after ankle sprain but can occur in isolation as well Compressing the injured site causes a sharp pain, or pinch, with a residual ache, while stretching the injury causes an intense localised pain TIPS As the condition […]

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Have you damaged your hernia mesh repair

Have you damaged your hernia repair?

A hernia occurs when the body’s natural containment of a structure fails, allowing the structure to bulge through the containment barrier. It’s typically associated with pain due to pressure on the failed/damaged section of the barrier. Two of the most common sites for a hernia are Inguinal and Umbilical, both involving the abdominal wall. And […]

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