Foot and ankle pain

Sever's Disease

Sever’s Disease – how to help kids with heel pain

Sever’s Disease is a painful reaction in a growth plate at the back of the heel. It reacts due to additional traction from the Achilles tendon during a significant growth spurt. It tends to affect kids between 11-14 years of age. As the pain is linked to the rapid rate of growth, most episodes only […]

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Achilles tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy – why the usual fixes don’t work!

Pain from Achilles tendinopathy comes on slowly over a period of weeks and months. It often begins as a mild discomfort after a run or field training session. As it worsens, the pain increases in intensity and takes longer to resolve after a training session. As it becomes more chronic, the symptoms associated with Achilles […]

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Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus (Bunion) – not inherited from your mother!

This condition is characterised by thickening and angulation of the big toe joint (known as 1st MTP) as well as pain and swelling around the joint The condition is progressive (ie. the angulation is not reversible) but the rate of progress can be slowed significantly with appropriate changes This condition is due to poor foot […]

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Calcaneal bone stress

Calcaneal (heel) bone stress injury: from stress reactions to fractures

Calcaneal, or heel, bone stress injury covers injuries from bone stress reactions (often referred to as a “bruised bone”) to stress fractures and causes significant heel pain with loading The heel pain can be difficult to localize and may be felt underneath, on the sides or back of the Calcaneus (heel bone) The pain is […]

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Achilles tendon pain

Achilles tendon pain

Achilles tendon pain is one of the more common sporting injuries seen by our Physiotherapy team. A typical history for an Achilles injury is a runner, usually around 35-55 years, who gradually felt a soreness on one or both Achilles tendons in the early stages of a run. It gets worse as it lasts longer […]

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Blister prevention

Blisters on feet during running – causes & prevention

Unexplained blisters on feet after running can drive you nuts! They can be difficult to prevent unless you find the cause. Blisters can occur in a number of key locations. You can get blisters on the bottom of your foot, blisters on the side of the arch, blisters on the toe… almost anywhere! But each […]

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Pain in arch of foot

Pain in the arch of the foot

One of the most common injuries in sports like distance running is pain in the arch of the foot. And while you may assume that it’s plantarfasciitis, there are a long list of other possibilities and causes. Foot pain can be divided into two categories – sudden (or acute onset) and gradual (or insidious) onset. […]

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what is a bunion?

What is a bunion?

The term “bunion” is one of those funny ones. You’ve probably heard it before, particularly from grandma. Every time you wear pointy shoes, someone tells you you’ll get bunions. You’ve been told that you’ve inherited them from your mother. So let’s cover “what is a bunion?”, “do you get them from your mother?” and “will […]

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Ankle impingement

Talocrural (ankle) impingement

Talocrural (ankle) impingement is a pinching-type injury that occurs around the ankle joint It is most commonly seen after ankle sprain but can occur in isolation as well Compressing the injured site causes a sharp pain, or pinch, with a residual ache, while stretching the injury causes an intense localised pain TIPS As the condition […]

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Fibula fracture

Fibula fracture – how to tell if it’s broken

Fibula fracture can occur during an inversion (inwards) ankle sprain It causes pain and swelling on the lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle Once identified, crutches and a camwalker boot are required for 1-2 weeks and 4-6 weeks respectively TIPS Fibula fractures look like a simple ankle sprain when they happen. They have the same […]

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