Lower back and buttock pain

Deep hip muscle pain

Deep hip rotator overload – “So that explains it!”

Deep hip rotator overload causes a diffuse deep hip muscle pain, felt centrally in the buttock It is caused by excessive fatigue of one or more of the six small muscles that sit underneath the gluteal muscles and rotate the hip laterally (outwards) Soreness often peaks the day after exercise and causes pain on stretching […]

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Hip osteoarthritis OA

Hip osteoarthritis (OA) – exercise your way to pain-free

Hip OA can be present from age 30 years, although it doesn’t tend to be symptomatic until age 40-50 years Early symptoms include stiffness (eg. difficulty in reaching shoe laces) and pain after rest (eg. on waking in morning or long car drives) Risk factors for early hip OA include heavier body types and reduced […]

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Bone stress reaction

Bone stress reaction – what, why and how to fix it

Bone stress reaction causes a dull, usually prolonged, ache around the injury site A bone stress reaction can occur due to impact loading or connective tissue traction Reactions caused by impact loading can progress to bone stress fractures with ongoing overload TIPS Bone stress reactions often occur with other injuries and can be difficult to […]

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Hamstrings tendinopathy

Hamstrings tendinopathy – frustrating but very fixable

Hamstrings tendinopathy most commonly affects the upper hamstrings tendon (known as “Proximal Hamstrings tendinopathy”) just below the Ischial Tuberosity (aka. the “sit bone”). The hamstrings, or “hammy”, also has a number of tendons behind the knee which can be affected by tendinopathy, known as “Distal Hamstrings tendinopathy”). It’s usually a non inflammatory reaction so anti-inflammatory […]

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Gluteal tendinopathy

Gluteal tendinopathy – understanding & fixing hip pain

Gluteal tendinopathy causes pain on the lateral (outside) aspect of the hip, particularly when lying on either side This condition can occur in isolation but is more commonly seen in conjunction with other conditions, such as hip osteoarthritis and trochanteric bursitis It tends to be linked closely with reduced strength and as such, it is […]

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Lower back pain

Lower back pain (LBP) – common problem, simple solutions

Lower back pain describes an ache and/or sharp pain across the lower back without referred pain into legs or pins & needles or numbness The cause of LBP can vary greatly, from muscle overload to lumbar joint stiffness or stiff hips, and there is typically no obvious pathology causing the symptoms The vast majority of […]

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SIJ pain

SIJ pain – why it happens & how to relieve the pain

SIJ pain presents as a sharp stabbing pain into the buttock area without referred pain into legs, pins & needles or numbness. The pain is typically felt on either side of the sacrum, rather than in the centre. Aggravating activities usually involve loading on one leg (for example, stepping down off a curb or gutter) […]

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FAI femoroacetabular impingement

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) – top 3 strategies for fast pain relief

Femoroacetabular impingement, or “FAI”, causes a sharp pain in the hip, most commonly in the front of the hip or groin. It can come on suddenly and may not necessarily have an obvious mechanism of injury. You may be more prone to FAI with bony changes around the hip. Bony bumps can form on the […]

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Sciatica – how to get fast relief!

Sciatica refers to an irritation of the Sciatic Nerve as it passes thru the buttock, causing pain down the back of the leg The term is often misused to describe spinal nerve irritation causing pain in the back and leg, however this is a different condition Severity can vary from an ache that passes in […]

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Hip stress fracture

Hip stress fracture – how to spot it & what to do

Hip stress fractures can present as a vague but persistent hip, buttock or groin pain They are more common in females and most prevalent in endurance sports such as distance running The pain is often confused with gluteal tendinopathy or chronic gluteal muscle fatigue or strains due to its common aggravating factors and symptoms TIPS […]

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