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Early appdev signs are looking good

Sports Injury app

The big focus in the early stages is to refine the backend process and ensure its ready for future expansion. Ideally it’s ready to accept new diagnostic categories, tweaks to the algorithm and the addition of new questions. Additions like these should be able to be added with minimal input from the developers. Basically they need to make themselves redundant.

Email sign ups for the pre release version are looking very promising. There’s plenty of interest from around the world so we’ll need to factor that in to v1 development. Aside from language differences, there is different terminology for anatomical structures and exercises as well as various constraints that we’ll need to consider. Certainly keeping it challenging!

Almost time to get the videos rolling. I’ve got my venue and film crew sorted. Just need to ponder the right exercise demo person. Finding someone who is fit and strong enough to complete all the exercises isn’t easy!