Instant injury diagnosis for your clients

If you’re a fitness professional, you’ll know how frustrating it is to have a client withdraw due to injury.

Early diagnosis can help fitness professionals reconfigure their training to assist with recovery and keep their client active.

As a health professional, it’s equally frustrating when a client Googles their symptoms and heads down the wrong path for weeks.

By providing an instant diagnosis via your website, you can offer early accurate advice to build trust and confidence before commencing your rehab planning.

In today’s connected world, clients are going to search online for a diagnosis. Why not provide that assistance and control the narrative rather than losing them to Google‘s diagnostic lucky dip?

  • Clients can be directed to the app, available on all devices, or the website
  • If you’re more tech savvy, we have an online tool that can be embedded on your website

Why would you offer this to clients?

  • Providing an accurate tool to clients at no cost – begins to build trust and rapport
  • Your client will receive a diagnosis they can trust – the algorithm has been designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists
  • Removes trial-and-error tweaks to online programming – a confirmed diagnosis lets you modify your program with confidence
  • Clients are more likely to commit to online consultations and rehab – offer a diagnosis at no cost so your client is confident they’re on the right track

What’s the hidden cost?

The diagnostic app, website and web embed are free to use for your client, free to you and they don’t have ads or any other kind of sneaky marketing to make money.

Simply, the algorithm behind the diagnostic process has been developed over the last 4 years and tested clinically with real cases to ensure its accuracy. But everything can get better, right?

With more information coming in from real world cases, the algorithm will constantly evolve and improve. It needs to eat data to grow.

Of course, the data used is anonymous and not associated with names, emails or any other identifying details.

So there’s no cost to users now, or ever.