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New Year’s update 2019

App dev

The New Year has just ticked over to 2019. Work has been ploughing ahead with app development and entering the copious amounts of info that make up the brains of the app.

The app dev team doesn’t have any screenshots as yet – only rough scribbles and design layouts – so there’s nothing to share just yet. But with the data entry almost complete, we’ll soon be looking for some beta testers to confirm the accuracy of the algorithm and cover any missing links. If you’re keen, sign up with the banner at the bottom of this page or head to the home page for details.

As the framework gets refined, we’re getting a better picture of how it’ll work.

  1. Answer a few screening questions, to highlight any cause for concern of bigger issues (fractures, tumors, etc)
  2. Answer a series of questions regarding the injury, expected to take around two minutes
  3. You’ll then be presented with the top three possible diagnoses, each with their relative likelihood of matching your description
  4. You’ll be able to read diagnostic info on each one as well as a rehab overview
  5. Next, you select the one that matches your situation or the most likely by rating
  6. You’ll then be provided with a detailed rehab plan and program that includes week-by-week exercise videos, specific to the diagnosis and underlying cause

It’s designed to think like a clinician, matching the way a clinician reasons, to provide best medical management in the comfort of your own home and without the big medical bill!

Hopefully we’ll have some screenshots to share soon. Getting excited now…