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One small step, one giant leap…

First render of app screens for sports injury diagnosis app

“Progress is never a linear journey”

– Reality

While consistent steady progress is great, it’s also very rare. Complex projects, with a number of moving parts, are prone to periods of flat-lining.

This project is no different. It happens when one aspect of the build needs to catch up to the rest. Or it might be that minor issues pop up and take more time to fix than expected.

But then there are periods of rapid progress! When a number of components all come together and the mental progress bar leaps forward.

The first draft…

This week we’ve seen big steps forward. The first full draft of the app with screens, pics and all the cool stuff came together.

The algorithms and calculations for the diagnostic process are working beautifully and behaving as planned.

The screen flows are clear and logical. And the differences between iOS apps, Android apps and web apps can be easily accommodated in the design.

Basically, it all became real.

Onwards to videos, content and more

Now that we have the screens and the calculations, we need to fill it! Lots of content to write, lots of videos to film.

The app needs to be a virtual one stop shop for injury diagnosis, information on the injury and customisable rehab programs based on the injury, sport and access to equipment.

And the level of detail needs to be on par with a face to face discussion with a physio or chiro. The explanations need to be detailed enough to give a solid understanding of what’s happened and what to expect. Videos need to be clear and informative… you get the idea.

So it’s full steam ahead. Exciting times and hard work ahead.