Fibula fracture

Fibula fracture – how to tell if it’s broken

Fibula fracture can occur during an inversion (inwards) ankle sprain It causes pain and swelling on the lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle Once identified, crutches and a camwalker boot are required for 1-2 weeks and 4-6 weeks respectively TIPS Fibula fractures look like a simple ankle sprain when they happen. They have the same […]

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Why is my ankle sprain not getting better

Why is my sprained ankle not getting better?

When you sprain your ankle, most people assume they’ve just torn some ligaments. But there’s so much more that can go wrong and delay your recovery. Read on to understand why your ankle sprain may not be getting better… WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SPRAIN YOUR ANKLE? THE ANATOMY OF THE ANKLE Firstly you’ll need to […]

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Symptom checker for knee pain

What’s causing my knee pain? Best treatment options?

Pain as a result of a knee injury can be frustrating and slow to recover. Symptoms can include more than just pain – swelling, clicking, locking and giving way are features of different types of knee injuries. Before seeking medical advice, most go searching the web for info. Is it wear and tear? A torn […]

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What does KT tape do

What does KT tape do?

Ever wondered “what does KT tape do?” Well, you’re not alone… Backing up a bit – firstly, what is KT tape? It’s a brand of elastic tape, stretchy tapes designed to move with the joint and skin through sporting activities. Other brands and marketing names include Dynamic Tape, Rocktape and Kinesiology tape. These tapes are […]

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Bone stress reaction

Bone stress reaction – what, why and how to fix it

Bone stress reaction causes a dull, usually prolonged, ache around the injury site A bone stress reaction can occur due to impact loading or connective tissue traction Reactions caused by impact loading can progress to bone stress fractures with ongoing overload TIPS Bone stress reactions often occur with other injuries and can be difficult to […]

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Talar dome lesion

Talar dome lesion – sneaky complication of ankle sprain

Talar dome lesion refers to an injury to the surface of the bone in the ankle joint, the Talus. These injuries typically involve a defect or damage to the smooth cartilage surface overlying the bone Classic symptoms include extended recovery times post ankle sprain, recurrent swelling with activity and ongoing deep ache during and after […]

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Hamstrings tendinopathy

Hamstrings tendinopathy – frustrating but very fixable

Hamstrings tendinopathy most commonly affects the upper hamstrings tendon (known as “Proximal Hamstrings tendinopathy”) just below the Ischial Tuberosity (aka. the “sit bone”). The hamstrings, or “hammy”, also has a number of tendons behind the knee which can be affected by tendinopathy, known as “Distal Hamstrings tendinopathy”). It’s usually a non inflammatory reaction so anti-inflammatory […]

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Talocrural synovitis

Talocrural synovitis

Talocrural synovitis is an inflammatory reaction affecting the sensitive lining of the ankle joint capsule (known as the synovium). The reaction affects the inner part of the joint capsule and can produce fluid inside the joint. CAUSES OF INJURY This reaction can be caused by a number of mechanisms. Here are the three most common […]

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Tibial stress fracture

Tibial stress fracture – safely fast track your return!

Tibial stress fractures cause a strong persistent pain in the shin or deep calf and can also generate sharp pain with rapid loading They occur when the rate of bone breakdown is not matched by the rate of bone regeneration Aside from biomechanical deficits such as strength and joint range, stress fractures can occur due […]

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Hamstrings tear

Hamstrings tear – from diagnosis to complete recovery

Most hamstrings tears occur in the mid belly of the muscle, about halfway between the hip and knee Muscle tears occur suddenly but it’s not uncommon to have some tightness or fatigue in the muscle preceding the tear The most vulnerable actions for the hamstrings are rapid deceleration (slowing down) and rapid acceleration from a […]

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