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Refining the goals

Sports Injury app

Spent more time refining the model and very quickly realised I need to play to my strengths. My expertise is in the lower body – essentially the lower back and down – so the first model will just cover those areas.

The next realisation is that there won’t be one type of mathematical equation that can assess each question. Some questions are yes/no, others are graded while some have a variety of possible answers. Each of these will need a different type of formula and method of assessment. Time to dust off the deeper parts of the maths brain and work out the best way forward, without unnecessary complexity but without oversimplifying it as well.

While that’s going on, I’ve also been hunting for someone in the tech world that has a backend framework in place that can work with the system. Endless online searching lead me nowhere. Then as luck would have it, got chatting to someone at Cronulla Beach after an early morning training session and it’s looking promising. He described a backend system that he operates, currently used for other unrelated industries, but which could be expanded to work with my requirements. Meeting scheduled for next week, time to see how aligned our systems are. Fingers crossed.