Online injury diagnosis & management


Access medical advice at any time

So many sports injuries happen on a weekend, why wait until Monday to find out what you’ve done? Get an accurate injury diagnosis when you need it, not when you need to get back to work!

Running and injury risk

Using the latest artificial intelligence

This app thinks like a clinician, using the latest artificial intelligence developed specifically for medical diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis, completely free

Just because this app thinks like a clinician, doesn’t mean it charges like one! You can get diagnosed for free, zero, zilch

Customised rehab programs

If you need a rehab program, we’ve got you covered. Exercise programs refined over decades of clinical practice, delivered with videos and staged progressions

Designed by industry experts

The people behind the app are experienced Sports Physiotherapists, with decades of experience with elite sports & athletes

Available on iPhone, Android and web

The app is available on almost any device and via your web browser. So unless you’ve got a Nokia circa 1992, we’ve got you covered