Types of injury pathologies and how to treat them

Pathologies and treatment

This is a list of common musculoskeletal injuries with a simple explanation, classic symptoms and most effective treatment options.

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This is a generally classification of all tendon issues involving inflammatory and non-inflammatory processes. The sub classifications within this diagnosis are:


  • This is a non-inflammatory reaction of the tendon
  • It occurs gradually due to excessive or abnormal loading patterns
  • Symptoms are typically pain with loading and residual ache after loading or prolonged rest
  • A gradually increasing strength program is the most effective approach
    • Medication and ice packs are not overly effective as the condition is not inflammatory
  • Example: Achilles tendinopathy


  • This is an inflammatory reaction of the tendon
  • They can occur gradually over time or as an acute reaction after a single bout of overload
  • Symptoms include pain on initial loading and residual ache after loading or prolonged rest
  • Anti inflammatory meds and ice packs are effective on this type of condition
    • This should be combined with a program targeting the underlying cause of the condition

Other forms of tendinopathy

  • Peritendinitis – inflammatory reaction around the tendon which can respond to anti inflammatory meds and ice packs
  • Tenosynovitis – inflammation of the sheath surrounding the tendon which responds well to reduced loading and anti-inflammatory meds


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