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I’m Pete Colagiuri, a Sydney-based Sports Physio with 20 years experience working with elite athletes and sports injury.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great people over the years, both athletes and academic mentors. This site is my way of sharing the insights I’ve gained over the years and giving back to the sporting community.

I post articles on injuries and performance to my clinical blog as well as providing content and support for fitness training magazines, running websites and running charities.

Along with this site, I’m working on an app that uses the latest artificial intelligence to accurately diagnose injuries. Best of all we’re looking for beta testers to provide feedback and get free access! Due to land in Q2 2019, we have some spots remaining for beta testers – sign up here.


Our app can accurately diagnose your injury - no need to wait for an appointment.

Due out in November 2019. Sign up here to be a pre-launch Beta tester.

(FYI, we don't spam. We'll just send you an invite to test drive the app, that's it)