Injury rehab, the smart way!

Sacral stress fracture

Got an active lifestyle? Exercise play a big part in helping you feel alive?

You love going to your happy place, you’re in a great training routine…then injury strikes.

Maybe it was a worsening niggle in your knee. Maybe you rolled an ankle.

Whatever the injury, it’s now stopping you enjoying your training, or worse, stopping your training altogether! Sad face…

Sports injury app

This app breaks new ground with professional service delivered in a convenient package.

The convenience of mobile technology. No need for time off work to attend appointments – this app is available 24/7.

Cost-effective. Embracing e-health costs less than 1% of the price of in-clinic management.

Accurate beyond expectation. The questions and logic were designed by Sports Physiotherapists, to ensure it thinks like a therapist.

Check out our Sports Injury App.

Injury rehab guides

Our injury-specific rehab guides are written by Sports Physiotherapists.

The guides offer rehab plans to help you recover faster and avoid set backs.

We also provide info on diagnosis, to confirm that you’re on the right track.

See our injury guides and rehab plans.