Sports Injury Diagnosis Online

Who are you?

You’ve got an active lifestyle – exercise plays a big part in helping you feel alive! You love going to your happy place, you’re in a great training routine…then injury strikes.

Sacral stress fracture

Injury? Urghh!?!

Maybe it was a worsening niggle in your knee. Maybe you rolled an ankle.

Whatever the injury, it’s now stopping you enjoying your training, or stopping your training altogether! Sad face…

The downward spiral

You can’t get to the doc straight away – it might be a weekend, or you’ve got to wait until payday, or maybe you’re just too busy.

Delaying medical assessment means that the injury gets worse, and you lose fitness and strength. Cranky face!

And all that means your injury will take longer to fix, usually costing more in medical fees.

But there’s a simple solution

You can get an accurate diagnosis right now! You can even get a Physiotherapy rehab program for your injury.

Immediate diagnosis and rehab, so you don’t lose fitness and can get back to your happy place sooner.

Convenient, effortless, without delays. Happy face!!!

App dev and payment processing

Could it get any easier?

Let’s go one better – getting your diagnosis is free! Completely FREE!

No catches, no tricks, just free. There’s not even pesky ads hiding in the app.

I’m in!

The app launches in early 2020, in both iOS and Android app stores. If you want it the moment it lands, sign up here.

We’ll also be sending a pre-release gift to subscribers, just to say thanks for your support.