heat ice anti inflammatories

Heat, ice or anti-inflammatories – what’s the best option?

As Physiotherapists, we often get asked the question about heat or ice. “Should I use ice or heat on my pulled muscle?” and “Can ice or heat help muscle soreness?” And it’s not as simple as just one answer. It all depends on the type of injury and what you’re trying to achieve from the […]

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Pathologies and treatment

Types of injury pathologies and how to treat them

This is a list of common musculoskeletal injuries with a simple explanation, classic symptoms and most effective treatment options. Skip straight to a specific group of injuries here: Tendinopathy (directly below) Muscle injuries Bone injury Cartilage injuries Other pathologies Tendinopathy This is a generally classification of all tendon issues involving inflammatory and non-inflammatory processes. The […]

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Knee pain rehab exercises

Strength training for leg injuries

Strength training is perfect for building tissue tolerance and movement patterns as it’s highly configurable for specific goals Strength training should be carefully controlled and progressed in keeping with tissue healing and injury recovery Exercises target potential underlying causes, maintenance of general leg strength and progressive loading of the injured tissue Phase 1 Gentle loading […]

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How to start running from scratch

Return to running protocol

Return to running protocols are designed to safely build up your running volume when returning from injury or a prolonged rest period The aims of the protocol are to build resilience to fatigue, refine running technique and improve fitness It is important that you don’t “outrun” your current level of strength, as this leads to […]

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Imaging explained

Imaging findings explained

Whether it’s x-ray, ultrasound or MRI, the report seems to always contain some scary looking stuff. But here’s the thing – many changes are simply age-related and very normal. Others are transient and will go away in time. So here’s the low down on the most common ones.  Osteophytes Osteophytes are bone formations in response […]

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Ice packs

Ideal duration to apply an ice pack

It’s a question we frequently get asked by patients – how long should an ice pack be applied for, and how often? Is it 20min on, 20min off? Once every two hours? Can you overdo it? Ice packs are the most common treatment for acute injuries. We’ve all heard about the R.I.C.E acronym. But surprisingly little […]

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Return to football testing

How-to Guide on Return to play (RTP) testing protocol for football

Anyone who’s had to miss football for weeks or months with injury knows how nervous you feel when you make your return. “Am I ready?”…”Can I still do that?”…”Will I get injured again?” So we’ve devised a return to play (RTP) protocol to help you figure out if you’re ready, if your performance is back […]

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