Injury rehab, the smart way!

Knee x-ray for arthritis

Getting injured sucks in so many ways, right?

Pain, obviously. Medical expenses, maybe $800. Time off work for rehab sessions, inconvenient.

Would you rather save time and $$$ by embracing e-health? Apple declared in 2009 that “there’s an app for that“!

And finally, an app arrives that combines accuracy with cutting edge rehab.

Sports injury app

This app provides never-seen-before functionality thanks to advances in artificial intellengence.

The convenience of mobile technology. No time off work.

Cost-effective. Costs less than 1% of in-clinic management.

Accurate beyond expectation. Designed by Sports Physiotherapists.

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Sports injury ebook

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Our injury-specific rehab guides are written by Sports Physiotherapists.

The guides offer rehab plans to help you recover faster and avoid set backs.

We also provide info on diagnosis, to confirm that you’re on the right track.

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