9 of the best long running stairs in Brisbane

Long stairs in Brisbane are a great training ground for running and hiking.

If you’re in Brisbane and looking for the best locations to get your legs stronger, we’ve got some great options for you (hint: it’s more than just Kangaroo Point stairs in Brisbane).

Stair training can be a great adjunct to any running or hiking program.

Whether you’re training for a trail Ultra near Brisbane, such as UTA, BTU or BVRT, or if you’re looking to build strength for Gold Coast marathon, you’ll need a long set of stairs.

Stair training

If you really love your stairs, you can join a training group or sign up to a race specifically for stair climbing!!!

If you’re in Australia, check out the good folks at Stair Climbing Australia for races and training groups.

New to stair running? Be cautious and very gradual in your approach.

Keep a close eye out for the warning signs of building fatigue – sore/black toenails, very sore hip muscles, ankle pain or blisters on your feet (click on the issue to read more about its causes and fixes).

Locations of long stairs in Brisbane (and surrounds)

Here’s our favourite stairs in Brisbane for running or hiking.

The links will open in Google Streetview so you can see the entrance to the stairs.

To see the location on a map, click on the X in the top right corner or the pin symbol next to the address in the top left corner.

North of Brisbane

Nulty Way Park, Arana Hills – 100 long timber and paver steps

Lansdowne St, Grange – urban concrete stairs extending on both sides of Lansdowne St

Central and West of Brisbane

Jacob’s Ladder in King Edward Park, Brisbane – middle of the city, concrete steps in clusters of 8 steps separated by a landing

Kangaroo Cliff stairs – only a short distance from the CBD, on the side of a cliff and with awesome views

Wilson Outlook Reserve – another corker of a set of stairs close to the heart of the city, this set runs alongside the riverside lift

Kokoda Trail, Mount Coot-Tha – technically it’s not just stairs but a very worthy inclusion. This network of trails has plenty of rocky and timber steps along the track

South of Brisbane

Springwood Conservation Park – timber and paved steps along with some bush paths in suburban bushland

Collingwood Drive, Collingwood Park – decent set of concrete stairs in sets of 10 steps with short and long landings in between

Dodwell St, Holland Park West – narrow set of suburban stairs in clusters of 8-10 steps with short landings

Got a favourite set of stairs in Brisbane that’s not on our list? Message us via our Facebook page and we’ll add it to the collection.