Gluteal tendinopathy – understanding & fixing hip pain

Gluteal tendinopathy
  • Gluteal tendinopathy causes pain on the lateral (outside) aspect of the hip, particularly when lying on either side
  • This condition can occur in isolation but is more commonly seen in conjunction with other conditions, such as hip osteoarthritis and trochanteric bursitis
  • It tends to be linked closely with reduced strength and as such, it is more prevalent with older age groups


  • The ability to build strength is limited by pain inhibition of muscles in the area. Any exercise program needs to avoid positions that generate symptoms, including single leg exercises in the early stages
  • Anti inflammatory meds can help make early progress by reducing pain and improve muscle recruitment during exercises
  • To relieve symptoms for those sensitive to meds or who prefer to avoid them, a heat rub (eg. Dencorub) can be quite effective at blocking out pain and improving muscle function


  • This condition resolves completely in almost every case although it can be quite stubborn and slow to resolve
  • A cortisone injection may seem like a quick fix but it’ll only be successful if the underlying cause has been found and fixed
  • Supportive shoes and/or orthotics can be helpful for some but they’re not a guaranteed solution for all. They’ll only be successful if poor rotational control of the leg is a major factor in your causative biomechanics

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