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“I have had horrible sacrotuberous ligament pain for 2 months now. After going to ortho and PT, no improvement at all. Just made it worse. After reading your page which told me to start doing the bulgarian squats, in just 2 days I have complete relief. Thank you and God bless you. I am literally in tears writing this I am so happy.”

Sam W, Florida USA (Facebook messenger, 30th Dec 2021)

Footwear recommendations

Our experienced Physiotherapy team knows which running shoes can help different injuries. So we’ve put together a list of our Physiotherapists’ recommendation for the best running shoes for specific issues, like wide feet, foot and ankle pain, and more.

women's running shoes for wide feet
It can be a frustrating challenge to find the best Women's running shoes for wide feet! You can search for the perfect running shoe for your needs...but it doesn't come ...
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best running shoes for plantar fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis seems to affect every runner at some point, and if you're searching for running shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, it sounds like you've joined the movement... We'll detail what ...
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best running shoes for ball of foot pain
Ball of foot pain is a common complaint amongst runners, and it can be caused by a number of different factors. As the pain worsens, it can limit how far ...
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Our Physiotherapy team and running coaches cover a huge range of topics, from injury diagnosis & management and returning to running and performance training.

fibula fractures
Fibula fracture can happen easier than you'd imagine, usually with a simple rolled ankle. But this kind of broken bone doesn't behave like you'd expect ...
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benefits of strength training
The benefits of strength training are one of the most well researched and well known in the sporting world. How to integrate the benefits of ...
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shin pain vs shin splints
Shin pain is often referred to as "Shin Splints", but that's not accurate. It can often lead to incorrect treatment and delayed return to running ...
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how to keep training with an injury
For a distance or ultrarunner, training with an injury is just part of the game. Niggles and minor injuries are going to happen if you're ...
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do heat creams actually work
Heat creams (like Dencorub, Deep Heat and natural alternatives) were massively popular back in the 1970s and 1980s. It was the fragrance of choice for ...
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cam walker boots for ankle injuries
Cam walker boots are commonly recommended for ankle fractures and severe ankle sprains because they're convenient, effective and improve recovery times after injury. There's a ...
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running after lower back pain
Lower back pain is the most common injury worldwide, so returning to running after lower back pain would have to be the most common challenge ...
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return to running after calf injury
Returning to running after calf injuries is one of the most risky times for a runner. With the right guidance, you can reduce your chance ...
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return to running after achilles injury
Trying to return to running after Achilles injuries often leads to frustration and false starts! Regardless of how slowly you rebuild your volume, it's common ...
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return to running after hamstrings injury
A controlled return to running after hamstrings injury is one of the most vital, and commonly missed, elements of hammy injury rehab. It sounds crazy ...
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knee pain after squats
Knee pain after squats has to be one of the most common complaints after a gym session! It's NOT a sign that squats are bad ...
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hip injuries from a fall
The two most common injuries from a fall are hip injuries and wrist injuries. In this post, we'll discuss hip injuries from a fall - ...
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