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“I have had horrible sacrotuberous ligament pain for 2 months now. After going to ortho and PT, no improvement at all. Just made it worse. After reading your page which told me to start doing the bulgarian squats, in just 2 days I have complete relief. Thank you and God bless you. I am literally in tears writing this I am so happy.”

Sam W, Florida USA (Facebook messenger, 30th Dec 2021)

Footwear recommendations

Our experienced Physiotherapy team knows which running shoes can help different injuries. So we’ve put together a list of our Physiotherapists’ recommendation for the best running shoes for specific issues, like wide feet, foot and ankle pain, and more.

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It seems like there are new trends in running shoes each year that we hadn't heard of the previous year, then all of a sudden it's the must-have feature of ...
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Our Physiotherapy team and running coaches cover a huge range of topics, from injury diagnosis & management and returning to running and performance training.

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An online knee pain symptom checker should exist - in today's age of technology, surely some smart folks have created an AI bot to mimic ...
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