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“I have had horrible sacrotuberous ligament pain for 2 months now. After going to ortho and PT, no improvement at all. Just made it worse. After reading your page which told me to start doing the bulgarian squats, in just 2 days I have complete relief. Thank you and God bless you. I am literally in tears writing this I am so happy.”

Sam W, Florida USA (Facebook messenger, 30th Dec 2021)

Footwear recommendations

Our experienced Physiotherapy team knows which running shoes can help different injuries. So we’ve put together a list of our Physiotherapists’ recommendation for the best running shoes for specific issues, like wide feet, foot and ankle pain, and more.

best running shoes for ball of foot pain
Ball of foot pain is a common complaint amongst runners, and it can be caused by a number of different factors. As the pain worsens, it can limit how far ...
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running shoes for a runner with hip pain
If you speak to a runner with hip pain, you'll know they've tried everything from strength exercises to foam rolling, only to be left frustrated. If you ARE a runner ...
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running shoes for flat feet
Running shoes for flat feet need to offer specific features to offset or counter the effect of your foot shape on your biomechanics and loading. Flat feet refers to the ...
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Our Physiotherapy team and running coaches cover a huge range of topics, from injury diagnosis & management and returning to running and performance training.

exercises in a medical walking boot
Just because you're stuck in a medical walking boot doesn't mean you can't still exercise with the boot on! The medical walking boot (completely different ...
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lower calf pain when running
Calf pain and running Calf pain when running is fairly common, particularly as you've just started training or increased your training intensity. In fact, our ...
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sciatica and knee pain
As Physiotherapists, we deal with Sciatica and knee pain on a daily basis. Most times we see Sciatica OR knee pain, but can one cause ...
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knee pain with squats
One of the most common complaints heard around the gym floor has to be knee pain, and more specifically knee pain with squats. It seems ...
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hip pain at night
Losing sleep with hip pain? Anyone suffering from hip pain at night knows how it can affect everything you do, whether it's the restlessness at ...
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mobility exercises
That may sound like a bold call, but there's a good reason why you only need 3 mobility exercises to cover all the bases. If ...
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knee pain down stairs
Knee pain down stairs is a very common issue - it's experienced by 22.7% of people in any given year! But it doesn't have to ...
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front ankle pain from running
One of the most common (and frustrating) niggles from running is front ankle pain. It can creep up over a number of runs, starting with ...
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sprained ankle still sore
"Why is my sprained ankle still sore?" is probably one of the most common and frustrated questions we hear weeks after an ankle sprain. It ...
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troubleshooting niggles after a run
"How to troubleshoot niggles after a run" is an article that was originally written for the Australian Ultrarunners Association (AURA) and published at No ...
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hamstring pain
Hamstring pain that seems to hang around for months seems to be one of the most common problems for marathon and distance runners. Hamstring pain ...
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new years resolution
New Years resolutions are a chance to make bold statements and plan massive goals - they're inspiring, motivating, a chance to dream... And in the ...
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