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“I have had horrible sacrotuberous ligament pain for 2 months now. After going to ortho and PT, no improvement at all. Just made it worse. After reading your page which told me to start doing the bulgarian squats, in just 2 days I have complete relief. Thank you and God bless you. I am literally in tears writing this I am so happy.”

Sam W, Florida USA (Facebook messenger, 30th Dec 2021)

Here’s a selection of our latest posts on sports injuries, training, recovery and performance:

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Running shoes for flat feet need to offer specific features to offset or counter the effect of your foot shape on your biomechanics and loading. Flat feet refers to the ...
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exercises in a medical walking boot
Just because you're stuck in a medical walking boot doesn't mean you can't still exercise with the boot on! The medical walking boot (completely different from a "hiking" walking boot) ...
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lower calf pain when running
Calf pain and running Calf pain when running is fairly common, particularly as you've just started training or increased your training intensity. In fact, our Physiotherapists place calf pain in ...
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Here are our Physiotherapists recommendation for the best running shoes for specific issues, like wide feet, foot and ankle pain, and more:

best running shoes for narrow feet
If you're searching for the best running shoes for narrow feet, you probably already know how limited and frustrating it can be. Narrow feet can be a curse when it ...
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women's running shoes for wide feet
It can be a frustrating challenge to find the best Women's running shoes for wide feet! You can search for the perfect running shoe for your needs...but it doesn't come ...
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running shoes explained
You'll often have running shoes explained to you by a running shoe salesperson, or from a running shoe retail website. Unfortunately their job is to sell shoes so their "explanation" ...
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